Heather Gauck

Heather Gauck, a special education teacher has taught for Grand Rapids Public Schools for more than two decades. She has been making headlines as a recipient of the Michigan Educator Voice Fellowship 2014-16, Lead Michigan Educator Voice Fellow 2015-2016, America Achieves Lead Fellow 2016-2017 a participant in the "Teach to Lead" initiative begun by U.S. Secretary of Education Arne Duncan and was also recognized by PBS as one of 2015's digital innovators.

She is the organizer and leader for this team of 8 educators state wide that created Innovation Classroom. This team is being funded by Mark Zuckerberg's StartUp Foundation on integrating technology into the classroom.  Most recently she was picked as a Teacher Champion Fellow to work with education policy.

She has been invited to sit on a subcommittee to plan the Statewide technology plan helping Michigan meet the Top 10 in 10 initiative. She was also one of 9 finalists for the United States Department of Education Classroom Teacher Ambassador Fellowship.

She is passionate about giving a voice to the usual voiceless students who struggle daily with school.  Technology that is integrated appropriately can open up a world of support, excitement and higher standards for all learners and educators in classrooms worldwide.