Jennifer Bond

Jennifer Bond is a teacher in Walled Lake, Michigan.  Over her 18 years of being an elementary educator, technology has always been an area of focus in her classroom.  She enjoys leveraging her creativity with the various digital tools that technology and the web provides.

She has embraced BYOD Days, Genius Hour, and the Maker Movement into her educational routine.  As an Edmodo Certified Trainer and Ambassador, Jennifer helps other educators integrate Edmodo into their classrooms.  In addition, she presents at state and national technology conferences on Edmodo, BYOD, Minecraft, Google for EDU, STEAM, Maker Ed and much more.

Her classroom was featured in the educational documentary, "Look Iā€™m Learning," which highlighted the impact of digital learning in the classroom. Jennifer has served as a Michigan Educator Voice Fellow through America Achieves, ran an Imagination Chapter through the Imagination Foundation, and has been a coordinator and team manager for Destination Imagination her entire career!

Lessons by Jennifer