Kristin Kochheiser

I am a 6th grade Language Arts and Social Studies teacher. Formerly a fundraiser, communications and public relations professional, circumstances provided me with an opportunity to explore my "what if" dream of becoming a teacher. I am grateful every day that I took a chance on my passion. This year will mark my 11th year as a teacher. My post-BA degree in elementary education was completed at Spring Arbor University, and I have a MS in Literacy from Walden University. In addition, I am a teacher consultant for the National Writing Project (certified through Michigan State University’s Red Cedar Writing Project).


While I work all of the time, I feel like I am never working, if that makes sense; the teaching profession, even with all of its underlying challenges, brings me pure joy. It feels like I'm always working on that jigsaw puzzle, trying to find just the right combination to help students learn, create lessons that click, and reveal the big picture along with the small details to my students.


Today, I purposefully work to integrate technology, the arts, Genius Hour, gamification and lessons that ultimately inspire students to engage in their own learning. I believe every child has the capacity to be creative, innovative, and a dream maker. I am simply part of their puzzle as they design their own meaningful lives. Most importantly, I see my role as a coach in their journey.


Beyond my students, I see my role as a collaborative educator. I enjoy sharing lessons, brainstorming ideas, presenting at workshops, and piloting new projects. The more we, as individual pieces of this picture called education, work together, the more we get closer to accomplishing the greater good for our students, and their future.


As always, never hesitate to contact me via twitter or email if you have questions.



Lessons by Kristin